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I build things on the Internet. DJ - Producer, Sound engineer, music lover and a general full-time geek! Riding through this world... Made in Italy.


Just another way to show what I'm doing... my Design, my Music, my Development.

Hello World!

Joe Maffia

I’m a self-starter, willing to learn and take ownership ofmy role; able to work with limited supervision, showinitiative where relevant and multitask. I’m also a good humoured team player and I have confidence dealing withpeople at all levels of an organisation. 

Absolutely Open-Source because information should be for everyone! 

Absolutely Apple user because: ”is there something better?” 

In the last years I focus my attention on Apple Mac OS Xand Apple hardware, developing some applications in Cocoa and Objective-C, indeed these have been the base argumentsfor the study of my thesis: “Cocoa & Rendezvous forZeroConf networks”.

 As final work of my studies I developed an application thatuse Rendezvous (now called Bonjour), an amazing technologythat enables automatic discovering of computer, devices andservices on IP networks.

I continue to develop & design websites using HTML,Flash, CSS, JSP, Java, CMS like Joomla or Mambo and developapplication in many language like C, C++, Java, Jsp,Servlet, MySQL, FileMaker, 4th Dimension and sure Cocoa& Objective-C.

Absolutely I have an optimal knowledge of the mainlyoperating systems from Windows to Unix and sure Mac OS X(for me the best) & OS 9; an optimal knowledge of Macromedia Studio, Adobe suite and Office! 

In the last five, six years I spent a lot of time in liveconcerts like an audio engineer and in some recording studios for some productions; for this reason I know a lot of audio equipments and music professional software (LogicPro, Peak, ProTools etc.).  

Am willing to tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires. I have lots of energy, a bit of that "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" and I'm not afraid to start from the beginning.