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I build things on the Internet. DJ - Producer, Sound engineer, music lover and a general full-time geek! Riding through this world... Made in Italy.


Just another way to show what I'm doing... my Design, my Music, my Development.

EF Website 2009 - AY Academic Year Abroad

Joe Maffia

Again, another year another release! EF Academic Year Abroad 2009

From last year rebuild... we re-skinned the general look and feel of the website, pushing even more the video content with a new "zoom effect" all around the site. A new way to show our promotions, no more a long "boring" simple list but a futuristic (time-machine like) effect that let the markets have how many promotions they want keeping the website always looking good.

New skin for the already good FlashMap and a completely new Media Page, a lot of jQuery magic is working in the background :)


EF Academic Year Abroad - Infomeeting Reminder


Last but not least... a great new functionality like the Infomeeting Reminder!!! Where users can add the event to their Calendar application like: iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and MSN Calendar.