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I build things on the Internet. DJ - Producer, Sound engineer, music lover and a general full-time geek! Riding through this world... Made in Italy.


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Subversion Re-education

Joe Maffia

I will be never too tired of keep reading this great article!

Question:  Do you write perfect code the first time?

If you answered “Yes”, you’re a liar and a cheat. You fail. Take the test again.

New code is buggy. It takes a while to get it working respectably. In the meantime, it can cause trauma for the other developers on the team.

Now, here’s how Subversion works:

  • When you check new code in, everybody else gets it.

Since all new code that you write has bugs, you have a choice.

  • You can check in buggy code and drive everyone else crazy, or
  • You can avoid checking it in until it’s fully debugged.

Subversion always gives you this horrible dilemma. Either the repository is full of bugs because it includes new code that was just written, or new code that was just written is not in the repository.

As Subversion users, we are so used to this dilemma that it’s hard to imagine it not existing.

Subversion team members often go days or weeks without checking anything in. In Subversion teams, newbies are terrified of checking any code in, for fear of breaking the build, or pissing off Mike, the senior developer, or whatever.

Start from here and read, read, read!!!