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I build things on the Internet. DJ - Producer, Sound engineer, music lover and a general full-time geek! Riding through this world... Made in Italy.


Just another way to show what I'm doing... my Design, my Music, my Development.

I’m looking to hire a Unicorn

Joe Maffia

When I was reading this, I was simply smiling for the entire post! 

Everyday since some time ago, when they ask me to hire people... I'm looking for something mythical in nature.

So why it's a good idea to be a JavaScript developer and what it takes to be one?

  1. You need to know HTML. You need to know everything about it. Everything.
  2. You need to know CSS so well you’ll regret it. You just added a negative margin-top to a link and guess what, the users of certain browsers can no longer click them, despite the fact that you gave it a z-index of a million and you can clearly see the damn thing. 
  3. You need to know the browsers. You need to know that IE won’t let you convert this string: “<meta></meta>” into DOM elements by setting the innerHTML of a DIV. And forget about injecting it in the HEAD to turn it into a DOM element, because that thing is read only. 
  4. Did I mention JavaScript? You need to be really good at abstraction. Seriously brilliant at it. You need to be good at designing APIs for yourself as well as others. You need to know how to test your code and how to manage it.
  5. You need to be decent at design You need to be able to interview a user, a client, a stranger, an expert, whatever, and ask them the right questions to be able to devise an experience that solves their problems. Not just the ones you can imagine, but the ones they don’t know how to describe. 
  6. You need to be comfortable on the server side. You need to be able to pick up other languages relatively quickly (in, say, a month or less). Python, Ruby, Java, PHP… If you only know one programming language, it doesn’t count. If you only know JavaScript and PHP, and you balk at any task that requires you to use something other than those two (rather than, say, looking at it as an opportunity to learn something new), then you need to ask yourself what you’re doing here.
  7. And then there’s about a million other things that you need. You need to understand Git. Git is amazing.