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I build things on the Internet. DJ - Producer, Sound engineer, music lover and a general full-time geek! Riding through this world... Made in Italy.


Just another way to show what I'm doing... my Design, my Music, my Development.

Don’t split into silos…

Joe Maffia

I never believed that a developer (in this example) should be a
front-end/back-end ONLY guy...

There's no such thing and in my opinion if you're hiring in this way
you're not doing yourself a favour and sure won't be your smartest

Was reading the "Getting Real" ebook by 37signals...when this topic
came out so here's a summary:

Too many companies separate design, development, copywriting and
marketing into different silos. While specialisation has it's
advantages, it also create a situation where staffers see just their
own little world instead of the entire context...

Don't let things get lost in translation.

Even better, hire people with multiple talents who can wear different
hats...the end result will be a more harmonious product.